Mortgage Brokerage

Mortgage Brokerage

Rhenium Capital’s mortgage brokerage service primarily focuses on multifamily housing loans between $1m-$7.5m nationwide.  We also have close relationships and experience with a variety of other lending sources and will consider other property types on a case-by-case basis.


Every deal, borrower and lender is different, Rhenium Capital provides tremendous value by putting the right pieces and people together on every deal.


Multifamily housing(5 units or more) loans issued by a Direct Underwriter Servicer (DUS) on behalf of GSE’s (e.g. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac).

Generally the most competitive terms and rates for Multifamily properties.

Strict underwriting and qualification standards.

Life Insurance Company (Life Co)

Non-recourse balance sheet lenders.

Loans are held to maturity.

Typically conservative leverage with more aggressive rates, terms and structure.


Typically Non-recourse loans that are sold, or securitized, to the secondary market.

Competitive terms, rates and structure.

Strict underwriting, guidelines and more expensive closing costs.


Full recourse balance sheet lenders.

Typically focused on regional and in-state lending.

Competitive rates and fees, however generally do not exceed 5 year terms.

Property Types


SFR Portfolios





Mixed Use

Loan Requirements

$1,000,000 minimum loan amount

75%-80% maximum loan to value/loan to cost

90% occupancy for 90 days, or greater

Net Worth & Liquidity

Current Net Worth equal or greater than the loan amount Liquidity equal or greater than 6-12 months of principal and interest

Borrowers/Borrowing Entities

Individuals who are US citizens; limited partnerships; limited liability companies; single asset entities; special purpose entities; Tenancy in Common (case-by-case basis); and Trusts (irrevocable trusts and revocable trusts with an individual guarantor)

Rhenium Capital is an independently owned and operated mortgage brokerage that specializes in arranging non-recourse commercial real estate financing for its clients on an exclusive basis.

Our Advantages

Non-Recourse Experts

If you are inexperienced with non-recourse debt do not go it alone. Let us help you build your holdings and your future the way institutions do- with non-recourse debt.

Existing Relationships

The CRE industry is built on trust and relationships. Don't bet your next deal, your reputation or your cash on going direct or relying on an intermediary without strong ties to a reliable lender.

Outstanding Experience

Our principals have worked in many capacities with some of the largest, most reputable firms and leaders in the industry. Put our years of experience to work on your next deal.

Middle Market Focus

From our underwriting and marketing capabilities, to our relationships and execution, Rhenium Capital is here to set a new standard for the middle market.

Certainty of Execution

With Rhenium Capital you can rest assured your deal will close. We only take on transactions that we know we can close and only work with lenders that we can trust to get the deal done.

Long-Term Value

We believe value creation is enhanced if the strategy is implemented quickly.

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus