REO – Investment Sale – Day Ave, Miami, FL



Significant deferred maintenance - stolen appliances, water damage and general neglect at the time of sale. Signs of intrusion and squatting in one of the units.

Collateral included a duplex, the adjacent lot and an additional lien on the borrower’s permanent residence not adjacent or proximate to the fee simle assets.

Delinqent property taxes - Miami-Dade County Clerk of Courts was preparing to sell the tax deed.

Building code enforcement liens on the duplex.


Due to the condition of the property, the liens and the additional land, we ran an online auction process to allow end users and SFR investors to compete with developers. This process was used to maximize market competition to push pricing.

Multiple group showings of the duplex were conducted to fully disclose the condition of the units, as well as promote discussion between the potential buyers. Interaction between buyers generated excitement for the event, as well as pricing discussions which were relayed back to the seller.

All event participants were locally based in the Miami area, and the top bidder was a developer.


Deal Type REO Sale
Property Type SFR & Land
Property Size 4,078
Year Built 2009
Property Taxes $52,000 Due
Taxes Current No
Property Condition Poor
Environmental Issues NAV


Deal Website Views 1,242
Registered Visitors 103
Linked Flyers Downloaded NAP
CA’s Executed 44
Unique Bidders 8
Live Bids 18
Closing Period 30 days


  • Local Investor
  • Local Developer
  • End User

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus