Loan Sale Advisory – Ketchum, ID



Tertiary market - rural community of roughly 2,500 people.

Borrower was a local business owner with the loan in default. Sporatic payments were made post-maturity.

Cloud on title - borrower also obtained an SBA loan around the time of subject loan origination. Title insurance would not guaranty 1st lien position of subject note.

Possible environmental contamination - 1970’s vintage auto repair building with underground hydraulic lifts onsite.


In order to maximize recovery value and exposure, we ran a four week indicative bid period and marketing campaign targeting national investors, with a best and final bid week for serious investors with competitive pricing indications to confer with counsel regarding the title issues. In doing so, we discovered numerous national NPL funds and business investors who were willing to modify/work out the loan with the borrower.

Distribution of viral marketing materials which clicked-back to an online marketing site where the asset was posted. This uncovered local investors, however the highest bid was submitted by an out-of-state fund.

Deal Overview

Loan Status Maturity Default
Recourse Yes
Bankruptcy No
Environmental Issues NAV
Mod/Forbearance Date NAP
Property Taxes $2,972
Taxes Current Yes
NOD Issued Yes
Judgment Date NAP
Notice of Foreclosure NAP
Receiver Appt. Date NAP

Marketing Stats

Deal Website Views 1,085
Registered Visitors 90
Linked Flyers Downloaded 37
CA’s Executed 48
Offers 22
Closing Period 7 Days
Sale Price to UPB 67%

Buyer Profiles

  • Business Invetor
  • National Fund
  • Local Investor

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus