Loan Sale Advisory – Tampa, FL



Delinquent taxes - one year delinquent with current year due.

Speculative risk of borrower bankruptcy.

Information provided by the borrower indicated potential 81% occupancy, however this information was dated and unconfirmed.

Borrower leased up the property from 50% post maturity default, however no tenant leases were available.


Prior to marketing the asset, we inspected the property to confirm occupancy per the dated rent roll provided by the borrower. Once the occupied suites were verified, we were able to provide the information & confirmatory images to the marketing materials and due diligence.

The marketing period was our standard four week indicative bid period followed by a one week best & final round. Due to an unprecedented amount of interest, only the upper 3rd of national bidders was invited back for the best & final round, and all local investors were invited to bid. The highest bid was placed by a local investor who increased their bid 21% higer than their bid in the indicative round.

Deal Overview

Loan Status Maturity Default
Recourse Yes
Bankruptcy No
Environmental Issues No
Mod/Forbearance Date NAP
Property Taxes $39,579 Due
Taxes Current No
NOD Issued Yes
Judgment Date NAP
Notice of Foreclosure NAP
Receiver Appt. Date NAP


Deal Website Views 4,169
Registered Visitors 322
Linked Flyers Downloaded 164
CA’s Executed 157
Offers 36
Closing Period 7 days
Sale Price to UPB 61%


  • National Fund
  • Local Investor

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus