CRE Consulting

We provide unique insight and unparalleled execution for middle market CRE and loan valuation. Our knowledge and experience allows us to offer specific and accurate insight to individual deals, which is critical to investors, funds and lenders.


No one has worked through the volume and variation of deals that we have in this entire industry, and no one can match our attention to detail and speed.

Full Consideration

We approach all deals with the utmost consideration, regardless of size.

Attention to Detail

To uncover the story of every deal buried deep in the details, and to summarize it in a manner that's concise and easy to read.

Heavy Lifting

Our efforts on the front end of each deal are the primary reason for our track record of success. In doing the hard work up front, we provide the market with clear and transparent insight on the deal.

Full Support

We can help you and your team with due diligence, valuation & advisory, comparable analysis, quarterly and annual reviews, and any other work related to asset management.

Simply to offer the best service and support to our clients!

Take Advantage of Our Experience

We Speak Lender

Our experience as life company, balance sheet lenders has given us in-depth experience and knowledge of all property types.

We Are Brokers

Our experience working with buy and sell-side investors allows us the ability to make recommendations which add value to both perspectives.

Unique Consulting Experience

We have analyzed thousands of properties in unique situations. We are faster and more accurate than everyone else.

We Are Loan Sale Advisors

Our active experience in capital markets allows us to evaluate and make recommendations on note transactions.

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus