Loan Sale Advisory

Loan Sale Advisory

Rhenium provides its clients a national investment sales platform focused on non-performing loans collateralized by commercial real estate. Our sales process has been honed through years of successful transactions, and our platform is powered by an effective and efficient tech-based marketing strategy. By leveraging new technologies, we are able to run a streamlined, proven transaction process with international reach.


We were at the forefront of CREtech through the last cycle and noticed the lack of institutional services available to middle market constituents- Rhenium Capital was designed as a solution for this disconnect.

Institutional Execution

We've transacted a full spectrum of NPL & REO assets- from $1,000 REO to record breaking note pools for some of the US's largest institutions.

Middle Market Focus

Loan sale advisory is virtually non-existent within the middle markets, yet the demand and necessity are both there. We built our business to serve this demand.

Every Deal is Important

We approach all transactions, clients and assets with the utmost consideration, regardless of the size.

Uncover the Story

Every deal has a story hidden within the details of loan docs, third party reports, market info, etc. Uncovering the story of the each deal is our passion and a key mission objective.

Offer Invaluable Insight

We love reducing large, complex, tough deals down into fundamental facts and insight that all CRE professionals can quickly understand and rely.

Our goal is simple- Maximize the recoverable value of your non-performing loans.

Our Advantages

Our Approach

Better than Wholesalers

The large shops are great at selling large pools to and for institutional clients. They are NOT good at focusing on individual small balance deals. Their overhead, minimum fees and marketing structure prevent them from maximizing recovery value.

Better than Traditional Brokers

Traditional brokers focus on selling the property, not the note. They can provide insight into a property and the market, they often have limited knowledge of loans, work out strategies, foreclosures, note buyer profiles, and conveying the value of a note transaction.

Better than Appraisers

Appraisers are great for getting into deals, but not for getting out. They specialize in valuing property, however they often do not provide enough consideration to many other factors, like RECs or local crime stats, which often affect note value and marketability.

Better than Self Marketing

Financial institutions often reach out to existing relationships to solicit offers on non-performing loans for various reasons (confidentiality, to avoid fees, etc.) This gives far too much power to the buyers to dictate the pricing and the terms of the sale.

Advanced Reports

Our Catalyst and Flashpoint reports are concise, detailed and easy to read. Our clients utilize them to make informed decisions on CRE and non-performing loans, and we utilize them as the basis of our marketing materials to convey the value of the deal to the market.

Custom Solutions

Our entrepreneurial approach allows us maximum flexibility to provide solutions to our clients. We can create new forms to evaluate assets that do not fit in the box, and we can run any type of marketing process.

Reliable Execution

We have worked thousands of transactions, and we have fine-tuned and developed process which maximizes market participation, maintains confidentiality and increases the surety of close.

Institutional Execution Middle Market Focus